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ImageTrend Inc
20855 Kensington Blvd
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States

Year Founded: 1998
No. of Employees: 150
Key Personnel: Pres: Michael McBrady
Phone: 888-469-7789
Fax: 952-985-5671

ImageTrend Inc

Connecting Data Across Disciplines

The world of healthcare and public safety has advanced through the use of data. Using connected data, a clear vision of outcomes and best practices helps you make the best informed decisions for the future. Get connected with ImageTrend.

Our mission at ImageTrend is to create a better world through technical innovation and a vision of what is possible. We achieve this goal by starting slow, working small and planning long term while visioning big.

We believe ImageTrend succeeds by helping our customers and business partners succeed and attain their goals. The success of any individual employee is tied to the success of the group and the success of the group requires every individual to succeed professionally and personally.

Above all, we believe in our dreams.

ImageTrend Elite is the leading solution for EMS and fire that is NEMSIS 3 and NFIRS compliant. The device-independent design and intuitive interface makes it fast and easy to deploy and use. Cloud-ba... View Product
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ImageTrend Elite Community Health™ gives integrated healthcare providers a comprehensive view of patients’ conditions, treatments and success factors for better outcomes. The exclusive Impact Score™ h... View Product
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ImageTrend Continuum™ is active data monitoring, delivered to you. It’s the information you need to make decisions and improve patient care. The best part? No reports to build. Yes, it’s that easy. Yo... View Product
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