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ImageTrend Inc
20855 Kensington Blvd
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States

Year Founded: 1998
No. of Employees: 150
Key Personnel: Pres: Michael McBrady
Phone: 888-469-7789
Fax: 952-985-5671

ImageTrend Inc Products

ImageTrend Elite™

ImageTrend Elite is the leading solution for EMS and fire that is NEMSIS 3 and N... View Product
1 Resource | 1 Video

ImageTrend Elite Community Health™

ImageTrend Elite Community Health™ gives integrated healthcare providers a compr... View Product
1 Video


ImageTrend Continuum™ is active data monitoring, delivered to you. It’s the info... View Product
1 Resource

Billing Bridge™

Designed specifically for ambulance billing , built from the ground up with auto... View Product
1 Resource

Resource Bridge

Be Prepared with Resource Bridge™ - Emergency management & alert notificat... View Product

Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub™ links ambulance services to receiving hospitals via a secure conne... View Product

Health Information Hub™ (HIH™)

ImageTrend Health Information Hub (HIH) is the connection of multiple health dat... View Product
1 Video

Rescue Bridge

Rescue Bridge™ is a Web-based system of powerful fire and EMS modules workin... View Product

Education, Training and ImageTrend University

ImageTrend University provides a library of resources including educational vide... View Product