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ImageTrend Inc
20855 Kensington Blvd
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States

Year Founded: 1998
No. of Employees: 150
Key Personnel: Pres: Michael McBrady
Phone: 888-469-7789
Fax: 952-985-5671

ImageTrend Inc Videos

Community Paramedicine Changing Healthcare Delivery

Community Paramedicine programs are changing healthcare delivery. This video, featuring ImageTrend Medical Director Dr. Michael Wilcox, shows how the ... View details

ImageTrend Elite™ Favorite Features

A few favorite features of ImageTrend Elite are highlighted in this video. We'll show you how Elite makes it easier to capture ePCR data in the field

Elite Community Health™ Interview with Justin

The introduction of Elite Community Health™ prompts an interview from JEMS at EMS Today 2016. ImageTrend Product Sales Manager Justin Dillard highligh... View details

Impact of Community Paramedicine

Dr. Wilcox describes two real-life stories of patients and healthcare systems that benefited from the use of community paramedicine.

ImageTrend Mission: A Vision of What is Possible

Time-lapse video of ImageTrend Graphic Design Coordinator Sarah Fenner hand-drawing a visual representation of ImageTrend's mission statement: "To cre... View details

Health Information Hub™ (The Hub™)

Learn about ImageTrend Health Information Hub, how it works in connected health communities and how it can work for you.